This is our Alabama

“Sometime after midnight on May 11 this year, a slight young Saulteaux Indian named Allan Thomas was killed in the village of Glaslyn, Sask., when a party of white men raided the encampment in which he was living, pulled down two tents and, apparently, fought with the Indians. The next day, a Sunday, nine white men from the Glaslyn district were arrested and charged with non-capital murder. These men were not, as one might have expected, young toughs out for a brawl. Most were farmers or businessmen. Five of their names are among the forty-seven listed in the local telephone directory for Glaslyn, and, with a significant fraction of its respected heads-of-households under charge of murder, Glaslyn was, in the days after Thomas’ death, a shocked, puzzled town.”

Peter Gzowski – Maclean’s – July 1963


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