Selling China by the Sleeve Dance

“A few years ago, during the final days of a road trip with friends between Memphis and Toronto, I made a quick stop in a town in rural Kentucky. Bardstown is a tiny spot that’s picturesque enough, though the enormous placard announcing it had been voted ‘most beautiful small town in America’ felt perhaps overly boastful. There, in a store selling bourbon-scented soap to tourists, someone had laid out a neat pile of pale blue pamphlets. Even in a town with an Asian population that needs to be rounded up generously to reach one percent, the image was instantly familiar: A Chinese woman floating through the air, dress billowing out behind her, with the caption: ‘Shen Yun. 5,000 Years of Civilization. Live on Stage!’”

Nicholas Hune-Brown – Hazlitt – October 2017


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