The Crossbow Killer

“Brett was always smiling and polite. He volunteered at SickKids and refereed Little League games at the local community centre. He was good-looking and generous, and he made friends easily. After high school, he’d enrolled at U of T, but it was too much for him, and he dropped out. While his best friends built reputable careers in finance, health and education, Brett worked as a house painter, a summer job turned full-time gig. He went from job to job in an old Dodge Dakota with nothing but his worn ­paintbrush and his wide smile. But underneath that veneer, he was becoming desperate. Rather than concede failure, he sought to patch over his problems with cash. On October 20, he robbed his first bank: the CIBC at 371 Old Kingston Road, just an eight-minute drive from home.”

Mark Mann – Toronto Life – February 2018


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