What happened to Rohinie Bisesar?

“Suddenly, as Junor was walking down an aisle telling her friend how excited she was for her, she was approached and stabbed in the chest with a knife, which pierced her heart. Over the phone, Junor’s friend heard her scream. Junor stumbled toward the pharmacy at the back of the store. ‘Help me,’ she cried out. ‘I’ve been stabbed.’ People flocked to her side. Meanwhile, security tapes show a petite woman in a business suit and lavender dress shirt walking calmly out of the store. A 911 call went out at 2:55 p.m. Paramedics rushed Junor to the hospital. Four days later, after a city-wide manhunt, the police arrested a woman who was well known on Bay Street.”

Raizel Robin – Toronto Life – April 2016


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