15 minutes of shame

“Hal Hannaford sits in a wing chair in his book-lined study in a former manse, with its worn Oriental carpet, antique oak pulpit and stained-glass window of St. George the dragon slayer, mounted on a white horse. In a crisp mint shirt, brown tie co-ordinated with his mustard wool blazer, he looks calm and poised, the way the headmaster of an elite Toronto boys school should. But it has been a terrible week. Mr. Hannaford, 49, has expelled three boys and suspended four others from Royal St. George’s College. He has held four student assemblies, chaired an emotional parent-information night and met with the director of community relations for the Canadian Jewish Congress. He also has faced a daily onslaught of media fascinated with the convergence of upper-crust schools, anti-Semitism, the 60th anniversary of Hitler’s defeat and an unmanageable beast called cyberspace.”

Jan Wong – The Globe and Mail – May 2005


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