Why I Developed a Roll of Film I Found on the Curb

“Four months later, as I prepared for my imminent move, I remembered the dresser. To my astonishment, it was full. There was a lot of junk inside: used glue sticks, baby powder, broken beads, and dried Tiger Balm. But in the back of the drawer sat a tea tin. Opening it, I found a trove of costume jewellery. Strange skull earrings, gold studs, massive rings too big for my fingers, odd necklaces with Monopoly pieces for charms—I could post them on Bunz and trade them for subway tokens or tall cans. Then, tucked in the corner, was a small roll of film. I put it aside, convinced my true treasure was a $2 bill from 1954 wedged into the back of the tea tin, depicting a stoic, young Queen Elizabeth II on a background of light salmon and malachite.”

Christine Estima – The Walrus – December 2017


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