Homeland (Part 2)

“Joey Angnatok could show Cartier a few things. One of Nunatsiavut’s economic-development strategies is to become among the world’s most ‘in-demand circumpolar travel destinations.’ Should that come to pass, its Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism might want to consider hiring the 42-year-old hunter, fisherman, handyman, search-and-rescue worker, and occasional scientific researcher as a tour guide. After a few hours tagging along with him on a snowmobile trip out of town, what might look like so much waste and void comes, quite literally, alive. Angnatok—who runs the largest commercial fishing operation on the coast, with his 20-metre longliner, the MV What’s Happening—draws out the abundance for even the most untrained eye. ‘All these shorelines in the spring,’ he says, ‘just char everywhere, and seals, and every square foot of this shore is covered in mussels and kelp.'”

Matthew Halliday – The Deep – December 2018


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