Best of 2020

This year GCL has shared hundreds of pieces from across the country, from deep-dive investigations and personal essays, to profiles and reported features. It’s a daunting (but exciting) task to sift through them to pick out favourite pieces from the past year.

The following list, unveiled Friday, Dec. 18 on our Twitter account is presented in alphabetical order of the author’s last name. It comprises 10 pieces from 2020 that are especially notable for their quality and craft.

Not addressed in this list is longform coverage we’ve shared about the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be covered in its own “Best of” list in early 2021. Otherwise, I think this list presents an interesting time capsule of Canadian stories from this year and some especially strong examples of memoir and personal journalism which deeply resonated with readers.

Happy reading. (And wear a mask!)

Rob Csernyik

December 19, 2020


The Boy Called Vimy

Andrew Duffy, Ottawa Citizen

The Search for Mackie Basil

Annie Hylton, The Walrus

The destructive conspiracy theory that Victoria unleashed upon the world

Jen Gerson, Capital Daily

I donated my kidney to help a stranger. But what about the person I couldn’t help?

Wency Leung, The Globe and Mail

Black Communities Have Known about Mutual Aid All Along

Vicky Mochama, The Walrus

Interiority complex

Julian Brave NoiseCat, National Observer

You Never Forget the Smell

Christopher Pollon, Hakai Magazine


Jody Porter, Maisonneuve

He said, they said: inside the trial of Matthew McKnight

Jana G. Pruden, The Globe and Mail

My Black ancestors fled America for freedom. I left Canada to find a home. Now both countries must fight for a better world

Debra Thompson, The Globe and Mail


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