FAQs on GCL’s Patreon Account

1.-Why is Great Canadian Longform starting a Patreon account?

GCL is starting a Patreon account with two strategies in mind. First, to allow me (editor Rob Csernyik) to turn this venture into a part-time job instead of a mere passion project. A portion of funds received from patrons will allow me to set aside time from paid writing projects to work on GCL, creating new opportunities for readers and writers and growing the platform. The second strategy is to produce original content for readers, a goal impossible to reach without financial backing and reader support.

2.-How will you stay accountable for these goals?

GCL will produce a short, quarterly update (and a more detailed annual report) outlining progress on goals and how money was spent during the period in question. Because we’re launching the Patreon account with one month left in the 2021’s first quarter, a combined Q1/Q2 report will be released in early July.

3.-How will Rob get paid?

At $15 an hour, to a max of $900.00 monthly starting out. (This equals 15 hours a week of GCL-related work.) This wage will go towards offsetting the time spent on research and daily sharing of pieces, creating newsletters and working towards the short and long-term project goals outlined on our Patreon page.

4.-Why is $1500 the minimum goal for commissioning or partnering on content?

The minimum rate I’d like to pay for pieces commissioned by GCL is $500. I would also set aside $100 per piece for myself to support in-house editing. We anticipate contributing an equivalent figure to partner pieces.

5.-What sort of original content does GCL hope to publish?

To start I’d like to focus on personal essays and/or profiles in the 3,000-word range. I’m particularly interested in stories that have a sense of place in Canadian communities that don’t always get a lot of play on our site. (For example, the Atlantic Provinces, Manitoba, Northern Ontario or the Territories.)

As far as reported features/investigative work I’m interested in partnering with other smaller digital outlets and magazines to split costs and editing work in order to produce this type of content. My hope is that together we could produce the sort of work (and offer a rate to the writer) that each publication couldn’t on their own.

6.-Can publications which may wish to partner reach out to GCL?

Yes. I’m interested in hearing from you even if we may not start doing this sort of work for several months.

7.-Can individual writers start pitching GCL content?

No. Once we’ve reached our goal and are ready to accept pitches there will be a public call for pitches. Please stay tuned to our newsletter or Twitter account for more information. Thanks for your patience.

8.-What does it mean that an extra portion of Avid Reader Gold patronages offer a devoted contribution to content?

This money will be earmarked for partner projects only and will not be used for other purposes.

9.-What about any opportunities not currently listed in your goals (such as a podcast)? Do you have other ideas for the future?

Technically, the sky’s the limit, but to start I’ve selected these projects because I believe they fit well with GCL’s mission and offer opportunities to grow incrementally and sustainably. (But yes, a podcast is of interest down the road.)

Further questions? Please send us an email or Twitter message. Thanks for your support.


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