Best of 2019

This year GCL has shared hundreds of pieces from across the country, from deep-dive investigations and personal essays, to profiles and reported features. It’s a daunting (but exciting) task to sift through them to pick out favourite pieces from the past year.

The following list, in alphabetical order of the author’s name(s), comprises 10 pieces from 2019 that are especially notable for their quality and craft.

I also think this list, if looked at as a whole, presents an interesting time capsule on Canada in 2019 and what sorts of issues were on people’s minds. Happy reading.

Rob Csernyik

December 12, 2019





Gwen Benaway, This Magazine


Awkward Cause

Kate Black, Maisonneuve


Are breast implants making women sick?

Julie Chadwick, The Walrus


Bad Jobs: Why We Stayed

Tamara Jong, Leonarda Carranza, Carte Blanche


The Man Behind the Yonge Street Van Attack

Katherine Laidlaw, Toronto Life


A Doctor’s Deception

Michael Lista, Toronto Life


The $500-Million Family Feud

Leah McLaren, Toronto Life


Forged by Fire

Zander Sherman, Report on Business Magazine


Céline Dion is Everywhere

Suzannah Showler, The Walrus


Why does any Canadian need a handgun?

Patrick White, Tom Cardoso, The Globe and Mail