The Last Cannery Standing

Frances Backhouse – Hakai Magazine – August 2018

Ontario’s social experiment: Can basic income buy happiness?

Rachelle Younglai – The Globe and Mail – April 2017

Why It’s so Hard to Actually Work in Shared Offices

“Jarred was trying to sell me on more than just aesthetics— he was offering a utopian vision of community. My future co-workers, he said, would be fascinating. They were startup founders and young creative types. A tequila company had rented office space and wanted to host tequila Tuesdays. He opened the WeWork app on his phone, and I watched as a cascade of posts from my soon-to-be colleagues and collaborators flew past. ‘I’ve heard from people who have tried other co-working spaces and…the other ones aren’t bad,’ Jarred said with an exaggerated pause. WeWork was just that much better. ‘We know your name, we remember your birthday, we remember your dog’s birthday,’ he continued. I don’t have a dog, but I appreciated the sentiment. I signed up on the spot.”

Nicholas Hune-Brown – The Walrus – February 2018

Is the World Ready for Canada to Be a Marijuana Superpower?

Brett Popplewell – The Walrus – July 2018


Michele Henry – Toronto Star – July 2018

The Redwater Decision

“All across this province, from the banks of the Peace River to the barley fields of Lethbridge County, 155,000 holes have been drilled in the ground that share four characteristics: They were made to release oil and gas from the Earth’s crust; they’ve produced as much hydrocarbon as they’re going to; the land around them has not been returned to its pre-drill-bit state; and they have not yet been rendered safe.”

Michael Ganley – Alberta Views – June 2018

The War on the West Coast

Joe Castaldo – Maclean’s – June 2018