Hidden Among Us

Eva Holland – Up Here – December 2013

Not Criminally Responsible

“Sualim’s crimes—a series of mid-level robberies, followed by a speedy arrest—were always of limited interest, and the story would have disappeared from the public record had it not been for a series of events last summer that had little to do with him. First, in early June, Kleiton Da Silva, who’d been given NCR status after killing a man in a street brawl, went missing from CAMH and allegedly robbed a bakery. A month later, Zhebin Cong, who’d been found NCR for stabbing a man to death in a boarding house, went AWOL and then fled the country. In late July, Sualim also left CAMH under the supervision of a hospital staff member and then walked off on his own.”

Simon Lewsen – The Local – October 2019

The Girl Who Vanished

We are the cops

“Once upon a time, London police officers told a story about a woman who woke up wild in their station. She kicked and bit, lunged and spit, police said. Officers were hurt. So police had to charge her with assault. Off to court she went. The end, police said. But that wasn’t the end. That wasn’t the whole story. That wasn’t the real story. Left out of the real story was the fact the woman was assaulted.”

Randy Richmond – The London Free Press – September 2019

Why does any Canadian need a handgun?

Patrick White, Tom Cardoso – The Globe and Mail – September 2019

After a grisly murder-suicide, a small Ontario town looks back at missed signs of dangerous obsession

Molly Hayes – The Globe and Mail – August 2019

The Whistle-blower Who Got It Wrong

“Facing him were four investigators looking into several complaints levelled at ministry researchers. The investigators had come to believe that potentially personally identifiable data had been copied to a flash drive for MacIsaac’s use in his dissertation—a privacy breach he denied. If caught lying, MacIsaac was warned, he could be hauled up on criminal charges.”

Kerry Gold – The Walrus – August 2019