After the Fire

Jana G. Pruden – The Globe and Mail – October 2018

Their daughters vanished — and parents say police stopped looking. Now desperate families are searching on their own

Jesse Winter, Jeremy Nuttall – StarMetro Vancouver – October 2018

How a fraudster got $12 million out of a Canadian university: They just asked for it

“The email started with an innocent “Hiya,” but the words that followed set off a chain of events that would tarnish a university’s reputation and send investigators on a months-long chase across the ocean and back. It’s been just over a year since MacEwan University was blindsided by an $11.8-million fraud. While the ruse itself was simple, the case that followed was anything but. Police had to navigate a complex money-laundering scheme that funnelled some of the stolen public funds through various accounts in two continents before reinvesting it in a real-estate deal in Richmond, B.C.”

Claire Theobald – StarMetro Edmonton – October 2018

She said

Ann Brocklehurst – The Walrus – January 2015

End of Story

H.G. Watson – Maisonneuve – September 2018

The Fixer

Marci McDonald – Toronto Life – October 2015

Canada is plagued by Bitcoin ransoms—and there’s no help in sight