Phage Crusade

“Jeff Summerhayes knows the drill. The bleak hospital corridors, the calls on the intercom, the IV tubes in his arms dangling from their holders like chandeliers—all have been familiar since Summerhayes’s childhood. But the bug was still in him and all the antibiotics had failed. Now he was lying in a bed at Vancouver General Hospital with his sister sitting beside him, both expecting to hear, once again, that he didn’t have long to live.”

Mark Czarnecki – Maisonneuve – January 2020

‘NASA North’ or Final Frontier fantasy?

Catherine McIntyre – The Logic – January 2020

Using Pop Science to Build the Perfect Workforce

Sebastian Leck – The Walrus – August 2019

Can Climate Change Be Reversed?

Arno Kopecky – Alberta Views – July 2019

The climate crisis: These are Canada’s worst-case scenarios

John Geddes – Maclean’s – July 2019

A River in the Sky

Ainslie Cruickshank – Star Vancouver – May 2019

Nuclear Winter

“Spinning out of control, the satellite came to its journey’s fiery end in January 1978, just four months after its launch. After weeks in a decaying orbit, it re-entered the atmosphere near Haida Gwaii, then known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. The Soviets had intended, in such a scenario, for the reactor onboard to disengage from the satellite’s body and safely burn up seperately. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the remains of Cosmos 954 streaked across northern Canada and the reactor broke apart, spilling its radioactive contents into the air.”

Lorcan Archer – Maisonneuve – January 2019

The Riddle of the Roaming Plastics

“Codfish eat everything. ‘Everyone here has a story about the Barbie doll they found in a cod,’ quips Max Liboiron, referring to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, her home. So the geography professor at Memorial University in St. John’s thought she knew what to expect in 2015 when she conducted the first study on plastic ingestion among cod in Newfoundland’s inshore waters. The results surprised her; in contradiction of the local lore, the data showed one of the lowest rates of plastic ingestion by fish in the world.”

Matthew Halliday – Hakai Magazine – December 2018

Bitter Pill

Geraldine Sherman – Toronto Life – July 2008

Keepers of the spotted owl

Sarah Cox – The Narwhal – November 2018