Two Truths and a Lie

“The game seems simple—until you realize most people don’t have interesting facts about themselves stored away for when a whimsical get-to-know-you game erupts. Though our class was made up of aspiring writers, we seemed to forget our imaginations entirely within the constraints of the exercise. Instead, we relied on safe, sanitized facts that didn’t reveal anything about us as people, but increased our chances of ‘winning’ the game.”

Alicia Elliott – The Puritan – November 2018


An explosive gender revolution is under way. So why isn’t it changing anything?

Anne Kingston – Maclean’s – November 2018

15 minutes of shame

“Hal Hannaford sits in a wing chair in his book-lined study in a former manse, with its worn Oriental carpet, antique oak pulpit and stained-glass window of St. George the dragon slayer, mounted on a white horse. In a crisp mint shirt, brown tie co-ordinated with his mustard wool blazer, he looks calm and poised, the way the headmaster of an elite Toronto boys school should. But it has been a terrible week. Mr. Hannaford, 49, has expelled three boys and suspended four others from Royal St. George’s College. He has held four student assemblies, chaired an emotional parent-information night and met with the director of community relations for the Canadian Jewish Congress. He also has faced a daily onslaught of media fascinated with the convergence of upper-crust schools, anti-Semitism, the 60th anniversary of Hitler’s defeat and an unmanageable beast called cyberspace.”

Jan Wong – The Globe and Mail – May 2005

The making of a Black man

“My hatred was not instilled in me by cultural factors like the hip-hop music I listened to, and I didn’t turn my life towards writing because I made a conscious choice to move back toward ‘mainstream morals.’ Rather, my choices were affected by the difficulty that I’ve had—as many Black men have had—dealing with a masculinity that is a binary between crime and what Jivani describes as ‘mainstream morals,’ a masculinity so often defined by the male role models in our lives, or by their absence altogether. Our choices are a fight against destructive forces, in the struggle to construct a version of masculinity that enables our survival.”

Andray Domise – Maclean’s – October 2018

A Mother’s Murder In An Inuit Village Turned Her Family Into Activists

Greg Mercer – HuffPost Canada – September 2018

Who Gets to Be Gifted?

Katrina Onstad – The Walrus – September 2018

Years Before #MeToo, Outing a Powerful Man for Bad Behaviour Nearly Ruined My Career

“I didn’t always feel so unworthy. This started because, while freelance writing full-time five years ago, I tried to do the right thing. In case my name reminds you only of macaroni or Madonna Ciccone, I wrote that salacious xoJane article about Jian Ghomeshi’s predilection for subverting the personal space and safety of women, years before anyone else came forward publicly about his conduct and a criminal trial that ensued. In the article, I talk about a terrible date I went on with the former radio host, during which he aggressively touched my body without invitation. I wanted to warn other women about him, but after it was published, I was what they call ‘shamed’—which really felt more like career exile.”

Carla Ciccone – Flare – September 2018