The Hustler

“One game is every game for Brendan Gallagher. It’s almost as if the Montreal Canadiens right winger skates in front of a green screen, performing the same actions over and over while the images change behind him. It doesn’t matter whether he’s playing in Boston, home of a blood rival, or in California on a once-a-year trip. Or if it’s in front of empty seats in Arizona or at home in the ever-humming Bell Centre. To No. 11, every sheet of ice is the same and the job he has to do doesn’t change.”

Ryan Dixon – Sportsnet – December 2018


A Better Mirror

“For the people behind Hockey Night Punjabi, this set, and the studio it sits within, are more than just an address stamped on a business card. This is the final, shining stop on a circuitous path that has run from Toronto to Calgary to Vancouver, with all manner of unexpected turns and detours along the way. It is the tangible proof that after fighting for a voice and devoting years to reinventing and refining it with eyes on bringing about positive change for their community, Hockey Night Punjabi has found itself. Now, bent to a shared purpose in front of that iconic logo, they look perfectly calm and right at home. But their work is still far from done.”

Sonny Sachdeva – Sportsnet – November 2018

‘There was no fear’

Sonny Sachdeva – Sportsnet – November 2018

My First Baseball Game

Sarah MacDonald – Hazlitt – October 2018

Spotlight and shadows

Kevin Mitchell – Saskatoon StarPhoenix – September 2018

Eight Seconds: The life and death of a cowboy

Marty Klinkenberg – The Globe and Mail – November 2017

Steve Bauer and Canada’s greatest Tour de France

“Bauer had to be shrewd during that first week of the Tour. ‘When you are close to the lead, the key is looking for opportunities,’ Bauer said. ‘You can’t really force it, unless you strong-arm the race on a stage that is particularly suited to you. For example, now in the Tour, it would be a mountaintop stage for a climber. It seems obvious there. But in the first week of the Tour, it’s not obvious. There’s rolling terrain with different types of finishes. You cannot lose time. And you look for those spots, like maybe a breakaway, that could get you that jersey back.'”
Matthew Pioro – Canadian Cycling Magazine – July 2018