He Stole Their Hearts, Then Their Money

Courtney Shea – Chatelaine – January 2020

Is Cannabis the Answer to Everything?

Lauren McKeon – The Walrus – January 2020

‘The border is this imaginary line’: why Americans are fighting mining in B.C.’s ‘Doughnut Hole’

“On a clear, cold day in late October, Paul Berntsen stands on the wooden foundation of a yurt he built himself, watching as his dreams of a non-motorized tourist destination in the Skagit River headwaters go up in flames. In the valley below, slash piles from recent clearcut logging on East Point Mountain are being burned by forestry company contractors, sending great plumes of smoke into the sky. Through the haze, a vast clear-cut is visible on the flanks of the mountain, which is carved into blocks by a network of new logging roads.”

Christopher Pollon – The Narwhal – January 2020

A Glimpse Inside: A Day at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary

Ashley Fitzpatrick – The Independent – January 2020

Why it’s so hard to find affordable mental health care

“When Megan Rolfe was 18 and in her first year of college in London, Ont., her struggles with depression took a sharp turn, and she found herself gripped by suicidal thoughts. After attempts at taking her life in both 2012 and 2013, she packed up her bags and went home to her family. But she didn’t seek out a therapist. Instead, Rolfe threw herself into work, hoping the distraction might help alleviate some of her symptoms. ‘I didn’t want to be the only one of my friends who was going to therapy,’ says Rolfe. ‘I thought maybe it was something that time could change.'”

Sarah Treleaven – Broadview – January 2020

Hacking Diabetes

“Michael Riddell’s lab is a diabetic’s paradise. The large white room at Toronto’s York University is dotted with treadmills and transmitters; there are tiny blood-testing strips, insulin-pump infusion sets, and hot-peach bottles of glucose tablets galore. I’ve come here, alongside a half-dozen innovators and keeners in the diabetes world, because it’s said to be ground zero for a technological revolution. All of us are either diabetics or the parents of diabetic children and, as such, are equally obsessed with finding better ways to live with the disease. We munch on sugar-free cookies and sip diet cola, but when Riddell starts to describe the work he’s doing, we stop and listen as though our lives are on the line. Because, really, they are.”

Jonathan Garfinkel – The Walrus – January 2020

How circus arts helped me deal with body shame

Dana Baitz – This Magazine – December 2019