Battle for the ballot

Karen Howlett, Jill Mahoney – The Globe and Mail – May 2018

Walmart in Whitehorse: searching for culture in a consumerist paradise

“When we pulled into the Wal-Mart, it was a warm and busy morning in the parking lot. The Whitehorse Wal-Mart is popular with RV campers, who can park for free overnight. Fifty or 60 RVs were in the lot, many parked, many coming and going. While this phenomenon is common for Wal-Mart locations in the United States – partly encouraged by the company itself – it is less common in Canada. In this case, Whitehorse’s location along the Alaska Highway has made it an ideal place for international travellers to stop and stock up. It’s become a kind of modern-day hardware and provision store along the old gold rush route.”

Kit Dobson – Eighteen Bridges – May 2017

The Benefits of Solitude

“We abhor the disconnection that the woods, the desert, the glacier threaten us with in their heartless way. Our culture leans so sharply toward the social that those who wander into the wild are lucky if they’re only considered weird. At worst, they’re Unabombers. The bias is so strong that we stop thinking about that wilderness trek altogether; besides, we tell ourselves, surely we aren’t capable of such adventures. We’d wind up rotting in a ditch. And even if we could access the wild, we probably don’t have the fine kind of soul that would get something out of it.”

Michael Harris – The Walrus – April 2017

The Great Wall of Montreal

“A fifty-year-old fence built of chain links and steel posts separates the Town of Mount Royal, one of Montreal’s most affluent neighbourhoods, from Parc-Extension, one of the poorest. The l’Acadie fence stretches for 1.6 kilometres in the middle of the city, along the west side of boulevard de l’Acadie from rue Jean-Talon to the Rockland shopping centre. The barrier has been referred to as ‘apartheid fencing’ and ‘Montreal’s Berlin Wall,’ but in spite of the hyperbole the fence is almost invisible.”

Marcello Di Cintio – Geist – Fall 2011

How White Canadians Made Me Ashamed Of Myself

Kyle Edwards – BuzzFeed Canada – August 2017

The good princess: What Diana taught me

“When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is broadcast on Saturday, it will be four in the morning in Vancouver, where I live in a tiny townhouse on the eastern border of the city. I will set my alarm for 3:45 a.m., make coffee and, while my son sleeps, I will huddle in bed with my laptop, waiting for that magical moment when the future princess steps out of her car in her gown and pauses on the steps of Windsor Castle. I will catch my breath at her dress and tear up, just a little. I know exactly how my reactions will unfold because this isn’t a new ritual: I have done this before.”

Jen Sookfong Lee – The Globe and Mail – May 2018

The People’s Chief

Travis Lupick – The Georgia Straight – May 2018