Worth the risk?

“In the months after her sixth child was born, Amy Reed didn’t bounce back the way she had in the past. She continued to bleed, heavily, to the point where she had to plan her days around it. She became anemic and even climbing stairs was difficult. Some growths in her uterus, called fibroids, were now hard to ignore—not only could she feel a bulge in her abdomen when she pressed on it, she could actually see her uterus sticking out when lying on her back. When her bleeding finally stopped about eight months after the birth it was replaced with a strange watery discharge. Reed knew this wasn’t normal. When she took her concerns to her obstetrician, the doctor agreed that the symptoms were alarming and recommended having the fibroids taken out.”

Alison Motluk – Maisonneuve – November 2015


The Oral History of 1990s YTV

Will Sloan – Torontoist – December 2015

Our Tarts, Ourselves

“Midland, Ontario’s third annual butter tart festival had drawn nearly 20,000 people, more than the town’s entire population. I was watching celebrity judges work their way through the homemade category at a local cultural centre, or half-watching them, since competitive baking turns out to be light on spectacle. Volunteers brought leftover pastry chunks out to the audience, each sample amending the standard sugar, syrup, butter, and eggs to follow this year’s “freestyle” theme—we had citrus, raspberry coconut, tarts embellished with pumpkin or pecan, another combining chocolate and peanut like a sturdier Reese’s Cup. Midland’s lone drag queen did her rounds, caramelized by bronzer.”

Chris Randle – Hazlitt – August 2015

She said

Ann Brocklehurst – The Walrus – January 2015

Domestic Silence

Jana G. Pruden – Edmonton Journal – November 2015

The Fixer

Marci McDonald – Toronto Life – October 2015

The scars to prove it

Alexandra Shimo – Hazlitt – January 2015

The Shock Absorber

Michael Lista – Canadaland – September 2015


Emily Landau – Toronto Life – August 2015

A New Kind of Simakanis: Truth, Trust and Consequences on the Street

Carissa Halton – Eighteen Bridges – June 2015