Gerald Butts: The BFF in the PMO

“But the story Mr. Butts is trying to craft with Mr. Trudeau is more ambitious, abstract and romantic. Maybe Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Butts cooked it up back when they first became friends, as some suspect; probably it evolved over time. These are people who love the idea of big national projects, and who want to leverage Mr. Trudeau’s charisma to build a new global image and self-identity for the country.”

Adam Radwanski – The Globe and Mail – September 2016


Know Your History, Know Your Greatness

Eternity Martis – Hazlitt – July 2016

A Journey to the Medical Netherworld

“One day in early December, not so many years ago, my nine-year-old daughter caught sight of herself in the mirror at daycare, and noticed her face was bright red. All the kids had red faces, because they’d just come indoors after playing in the snow. But everyone agreed that hers seemed particularly bright. She felt hot, too, but a thermometer revealed she had no fever. She sat by an open window to cool down, and when I picked her up an hour later, she still felt hot and looked red, but she said it was going away. By the time we’d finished dinner, it was gone.”

Alison Motluk – Hazlitt – March 2016

The secret lives of Toronto’s Chinese bottle ladies

Marcus Gee – The Globe and Mail – December 2016

How I fell out of love with the Canadian justice system (especially judges)

“My loss of faith was incremental, and came over years, so there’s no one case that turned the tide, and it would be dishonest to pretend otherwise. If I search my memory now, the best I can do is pinpoint a few instances where a particular penny or two may have dropped. For instance, in 1993, when I was working for the Toronto Sun, I got a taste of how ferociously judges and lawyers can turn on one another, and over which subjects, and what astonishing creatures of convention many of them are and what prisoners — despite all the high-minded protestations to the contrary — of the dominant political orthodoxy.”

Christie Blatchford – National Post – September 2016

The Tragic Story Behind Canada’s Iconic “Stay Alert… Stay Safe” PSAs

Rob Csernyik – BuzzFeed Canada – August 2016

Little Girl Lost

Jana G. Pruden – The Walrus – June 2016

Welcome to Canlandia

Jessica Johnson – The Walrus – November 2016

I Went To A Summer Camp For Adults And It Was Weird

Scaachi Koul – BuzzFeed Canada – August 2016

Whatever happened to the Canrock revolution?

Jon Dekel – CBC Music – April 2016