A Changed World

“And it happened: the exotic moment—without rush, without engines—when we were, in fact, all together in a sudden strangeness. How lovely. How amazing that the world could be brought to a halt just as we raced to the precipice of disaster. We were given the opportunity to cease the frenzy of getting and spending, consuming and wasting, polluting and destroying.”

Jackie Flanagan – Alberta Views – December 2020


Is recycling futile?

“We Albertans find it hard to resist the allure of produce perfectly packaged in plastic clamshells. The containers are convenient—the strawberries, cherry tomatoes and blackberries are gloriously free of grubby-finger jabs and travel-induced bruising. But when the berries are gone and the clamshells sit yawning and empty, they cause real headaches for the people tasked with recycling them.”

Niki Wilson – Alberta Views – March 2020

How Ethical is Alberta’s Governing Party?

Graham Thomson – Alberta Views – March 2020

Boar War

“By the time Greg Gilbertson became a provincial fish and wildlife officer for the Alberta counties of Woodlands and Lac Ste. Anne in 1998, calls for help in dealing with wild boar were part of the job. Ever since Eurasian boar farms were approved in Alberta in the early 1980s, the wily swine had been making a break for it, knocking down fences, tunnelling beneath them or simply finding openings made by outsiders hell-bent on establishing a wild pig population to hunt.”

Niki Wilson – Alberta Views – October 2019

Misplaced Anger

“It’s easy to attack equalization, as many politicians do. Alberta receives nothing from it, and hasn’t in over a half century. But this isn’t because the program is unfair. Among the ranks of ‘have’ provinces, Alberta reigns supreme. No tweak to a program meant to transfer funds to lower income provinces should ever transfer to the richest.”

Trevor Tombe – Alberta Views – September 2019

All The Rage

“The tipping point came a week from the end of the campaign, and by April 16 in the Big Four Roadhouse on the Calgary Stampede grounds, United Conservative Party supporters felt scant need for civility. Not anymore. The UCP had won the 2019 Alberta election, taking 63 seats to the NDP’s 24. Sixty-four per cent of registered Albertans voted, the highest percentage since 1982, and 54.9 per cent of those voters chose the UCP.”

Tadzio Richards – Alberta Views – August 2019

Can Climate Change Be Reversed?

Arno Kopecky – Alberta Views – July 2019

Taking Back the Neighbourhood

Jeff Doherty – Alberta Views – May 2019

Who Was Uncle Nick?

Myrna Kostash – Alberta Views – November 2018

Reducing the Harm

Christina Frangou – Alberta Views – October 2018