The battle for Haida Gwaii’s cedars

“On islands known for their monumental works of art, the monumental trees that make that art possible are getting harder and harder to find. Centuries old red and yellow cedar trees, the essential raw materials that make Haida poles, canoes, bentwood boxes, masks, intricately woven hats and so much more possible, are being logged at a steady clip. And once again on Haida Gwaii, there are renewed calls to slow that old-growth logging before it’s too late.”

Ben Parfitt – The Narwhal – August 2019


B.C.’s vanishing hazardous waste database

“Worldwide, waste management companies have become vulnerable to takeover by organized crime or unscrupulous operators who undercut their competitors for contracts and then ‘dispose’ of their waste by illegal means, disappearing toxic sludge much like a mobster gets rid of an associate he has just whacked. British Columbia is not immune to such activity. I know. I know, because on two separate occasions I used that now defunct database to show how two different companies had flagrantly violated provincial rules governing hazardous wastes.”

Ben Parfitt – The Narwhal – July 2018