Above The Law


What have the Irvings done to New Brunswick?

“Gordon Dalzell is an unlikely dissident. I first met Dalzell at a lonely Tim Hortons on the edge of Saint John, New Brunswick, with the only other denizens being some trucker types nursing their coffees. I’d just flown into New Brunswick’s largest city from Toronto and we agreed to chat before I headed to my hotel. In person, Dalzell is a friendly, rumpled 70-year-old who was working as a case manager at Veterans Affairs Canada before he retired in February. Wearing a brown leather jacket, polite and self-effacing, Danzell and I discuss why I was there: researching the Irvings, Canada’s fifth richest family, a clan Dalzell has crossed swords with for years.”

Bruce Livesey – National Observer – June 2016