In search of promised lands

Julian Brave NoiseCat – Canadian Geographic – March 2020

The changing face of Canada’s first suburbs

“As Tim VanDewark walks through his Edmonton suburb of Prince Charles one April evening, the “problem houses” keep appearing. Here is one post-war bungalow without curtains and a yard being reclaimed by nature. There is one with a deck that is leaning like it’s drunk. VanDewark stops walking at another, its windows covered in cobwebs. ‘There’s a lot that’s going to be happening in this neighbourhood,’ he says. ‘I would say there are at least 100 homes that haven’t really been well-maintained that will probably get demolished and redeveloped.'”

Tim Querengesser – Canadian Geographic – February 2020

The resurgence of the Nuxalk

Julian Brave NoiseCat – Canadian Geographic – October 2018

The Tribal Canoe Journey

Julian Brave NoiseCat – Canadian Geographic – May 2018

Canada’s dirty secret

Charles Wilkins – Canadian Geographic – November 2017