Bad Jobs: Why We Stayed

“They tasked me with designing and developing a website, marketing plans and brochures, and dealing with customers, as well as purchase orders, packaging goods and arranging shipments. Most days, I had a lot of independence; I hired printing companies, and sourced out costs, and travel to the U.S. Work made me feel important and valuable. As someone who had grown up working in various not-for-profit organizations, this type of fast-paced capitalist driven enterprise was exhilarating.”

Leonarda Carranza, Tamara Jong – Carte Blanche – January 2019



“The first person to touch my vagina was a doctor. I had just returned to Toronto after my surgery. I lay on the examination table, my legs in stirrups, while the doctor explored my changed body. I stared at the ceiling while she poked and probed my healing vagina. Suddenly, I felt something that I had never felt before. It hurt a little, but it also felt good. Normally, when someone touches my body, I can roughly tell where they are touching me from the sensations. This time, I had no idea where the doctor’s hand was. It was like some part of me, completely disconnected and floating away from the rest of my body, was being touched in another world.”

Gwen Benaway – Carte Blanche – December 2018