The mental-health crisis in law

“Yet Vijaykumar finds that the culture of the legal profession is as flawed as the one that permeates law school. ‘There’s this notion that everyone in law is perfect,’ she says. ‘We are such a high-achieving profession. Everyone seems so smart. And no one is willing to show any weakness. It can feel like you’re the only idiot who doesn’t know everything.’”

Daniel Fish – Precedent – March 2018


Whatever Happened to Michael Bryant?

“Sitting in the courtroom, I watch as police haul citizens up from the cells in the basement and plop them into a Plexiglas-encased witness box. Each person then meets Bryant, and the two chat for a couple minutes over the glass before the hearing starts. If anyone recognizes him as a former attorney general, they don’t show it. Nor do they seem aware that Bryant was once charged with a serious crime himself.”

Daniel Fish – Precedent – December 2016