T-Bay Notes

Jennesia Pedri – Geist – August 2018

The Great Wall of Montreal

“A fifty-year-old fence built of chain links and steel posts separates the Town of Mount Royal, one of Montreal’s most affluent neighbourhoods, from Parc-Extension, one of the poorest. The l’Acadie fence stretches for 1.6 kilometres in the middle of the city, along the west side of boulevard de l’Acadie from rue Jean-Talon to the Rockland shopping centre. The barrier has been referred to as ‘apartheid fencing’ and ‘Montreal’s Berlin Wall,’ but in spite of the hyperbole the fence is almost invisible.”

Marcello Di Cintio – Geist – Fall 2011

Shouldn’t I Feel Pretty?

“In September 1974, when I first started kindergarten, my mom cut a deal with me that I could wear pants to school every other day. Which meant I wore a dress every day that wasn’t pants day. The night before a wear-a-dress-day I would have bad dreams, panic dreams about boys waiting under the backless wooden stairs that led into the portable trailer next to the school where my kindergarten class was held. Sweating, fear-stained dreams of laughing boys looking up my skirt. And I couldn’t even kick them properly, because have you ever tried to do a high kick in a dress?”

Ivan Coyote – Geist – Fall 2015