Return of the Mummers

“Mummering has become a powerful symbol of identity here in Canada’s most easterly province, so it’s no wonder ‘a mob of mummers’ pitched up to march through the capital city, undeterred by a halo of rain, drizzle, and fog—courtesy of the island’s position in the North Atlantic. The original parade was axed when mummering was banned in Newfoundland and Labrador 150 years ago, back when social unrest was high and the disguises enabled violence and public nuisance. At the time of the 2009 festival, I’d lived in the province for three years, there as a graduate student in Memorial University of Newfoundland’s folklore department. I’d studied these disguised Christmastime merrymakers in their various contexts, but the parade was my first attempt at being one.”

Emily Urquhart – Hakai Magazine – December 2016


The Riddle of the Roaming Plastics

“Codfish eat everything. ‘Everyone here has a story about the Barbie doll they found in a cod,’ quips Max Liboiron, referring to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, her home. So the geography professor at Memorial University in St. John’s thought she knew what to expect in 2015 when she conducted the first study on plastic ingestion among cod in Newfoundland’s inshore waters. The results surprised her; in contradiction of the local lore, the data showed one of the lowest rates of plastic ingestion by fish in the world.”

Matthew Halliday – Hakai Magazine – December 2018

In the Kingdom of the Bears

Jude Isabella – Hakai Magazine – October 2018

The Last Cannery Standing

Frances Backhouse – Hakai Magazine – August 2018

Eel of Fortune

Karen Pinchin – Hakai Magazine – January 2018

Guardians of the Coast

“Skipper Bob Martin strides through the cabin and, before stepping up to the controls to ease the Northern Lights away from the dock, turns back to the group: ‘Don’t forget,’ he says with mock solemnity, ‘you guys signed peace treaties, so no one’s going to kill each other on the boat down there, right?’ Four Haida men chuckle as they duck into the cabin from the stern. ‘Not yet—the day hasn’t started,’ one of them retorts.”

Shanna Baker – Hakai Magazine – September 2017

The Ecolabel Fable

“‘Are these all Ocean Wise?’ I ask our server, pointing to the 11 nigiri items with the stamp next to them. She assures me they are, and I ask for more time to peruse the menu. When she turns away, I pull out my phone and select the Ocean Wise app, which allows users to find restaurants across Canada that are part of the program and check on the sustainability status of seafood. I search the partner directory for the Next Modern Japanese Cuisine in Victoria, British Columbia, but it doesn’t appear, suggesting the restaurant is not an Ocean Wise member. Before I have a chance to check some of the seafood, the server returns. What was supposed to be a stress-free lunch becomes an interrogation.”

Raina Delisle – Hakai Magazine – November 2017