China kidnapped two Canadians. What will it take to free them?

“The Michaels’ fates have taken on added resonance with a difficult decision facing the federal government: should Huawei, a global telecom giant with strong ties to the Chinese state, be allowed to build part of Canada’s emerging 5G network? On top of being labelled a national security threat by Western spy chiefs, the company has been under investigation in the U.S. for years, accused of breaking sanctions against Iran—and it was recently charged in the U.S. with racketeering and conspiring to steal trade secrets. Would a decision to give Huawei the green light—or a decision to bar it from being involved—have any bearing on the Michaels’ freedom? Pundits and insiders have debated those questions for months as diplomats work behind closed doors.”

Nick Taylor-Vaisey and Jason Markusoff – Maclean’s – March 2020


The Most Important 15 Feet in Canada

Jason Markusoff – Maclean’s – August 2018

What on earth is Stephen Harper up to?

Jason Markusoff – Maclean’s – July 2018

The new underground railroad

Jason Markusoff – Maclean’s – February 2017

Jason Kenney has everything to lose

“One night in May 2016, Kenney, an MP with no cabinet or critic duties for the first time in his career, and with no partner to nag him to kill the lights, stayed up past dawn in his condo. He crafted a 25-page memo to himself about how to retake Alberta, become leader of a dilapidated PC ­party, forge a merger with Wildrose, secure leadership of that new party and then keep marching onwards, right at Premier Rachel Notley. The next 20-some months unfolded as planned.”

Jason Markusoff – Maclean’s – March 2018