Searching for answers

“When teenaged best friends Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod drove north out from Port Alberni, B.C., around July 13 in a vintage Dodge Ram pick-up truck and Bigfoot camper top, they were heading to Yukon and Northwest Territories in search of work, better jobs than they had working the night shift at their home-town Walmart. Or, that’s what they told people.”

Jana G. Pruden, Mike Hager, Justin Ling – The Globe and Mail – July 2019


Silent Majority

“A very public reckoning is now facing men in positions of power, but a few years of reporting and socializing in Ottawa’s inner circles taught me that this isn’t what counts—it’s the ways the conversation changes below the surface that will make a difference. What have we really learned from scandals, both mythic and real? Will today’s public disgraces really force change, or will they simply become fodder for the next round of off-colour parliament tours?”

Justin Ling – Maisonneuve – April 2018