Canada is plagued by Bitcoin ransoms—and there’s no help in sight


Inside the impossible work of Canada’s biggest Indigenous police force

“As a police officer in the small place where he was raised, Angees’s personal life has often intersected with his job. He took the call when one of his sisters took her own life. He’s responded to the ‘numerous’ deaths or suicides of cousins and nephews. More recently, he was on the job when his brother died in a house fire. And the day after each tragedy, he went back to work. But eventually, he says, as the years went on, the weight of trauma became too much: ‘All that shit came crashing down on me.'”

Kyle Edwards – Maclean’s – July 2018

How White Canadians Made Me Ashamed Of Myself

Kyle Edwards – BuzzFeed Canada – August 2017

Fighting Foster Care

“To debate the present crisis while overlooking the past, these critics say, would be to ignore Canada’s history of abusing and literally prying Indigenous children from their parents’ arms: every federal government since 1867, they note, has carried out policies separating Indigenous children from their families, communities and cultures.”

Kyle Edwards – Maclean’s – January 2018