In the GTA’s tow-truck turf wars, the race for profit leads to road rage, violence and intimidation

Molly Hayes – The Globe and Mail – February 2020

After a grisly murder-suicide, a small Ontario town looks back at missed signs of dangerous obsession

Molly Hayes – The Globe and Mail – August 2019

The last dance: Why the Canadian strip club is a dying institution

“Once a staple of afterwork – and even midday – distraction, venues such as the Cotton Club have disappeared from several major cities, and even entire provinces, across Canada. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island both became strip-club free this year. Yukon and Nunavut have no permanent strip clubs, and in Saskatchewan they have long been outright banned. But even border towns such as Windsor, Ont., oil hubs like B.C.’s Fort St. John, and such big cities as Toronto and Montreal are feeling a chill.”

Molly Hayes – The Globe and Mail – September 2018