Why I was hated in Quebec and abandoned in Toronto

Jan Wong – National Post – May 2012

Reckless vigilante or heroic watchdog?

“To his supporters, Plecas’s relentless quest to expose wrongdoing — which last November led to the suspensions of Craig James, the clerk responsible for day-to-day running of the legislature, and Gary Lenz, the sergeant-at-arms in charge of security — has led to greater oversight of the public purse. (James subsequently resigned. Lenz was cleared of wrongdoing by McLachlin, but remains suspended with pay amid ongoing investigations.) But to critics, the former criminologist is a reckless vigilante who needs to be reined in. His crusading, they say, has led to instability and a toxic work environment. Rather than referee political fights, he’s the constant subject of them.”

Douglas Quan – National Post – September 2019

The cost of cringe

“If you’re like me, you’ve never actually intentionally watched Gags. It’s only ever appeared somewhere — late at night on your television or on a screen in a public place; its silent stock-footage style of cinematography radiating a kind of dreamlike, unfinished quality. And if you’re like me, you’ve always felt like there was something wrong with the show, but you have also never been able to put your finger on exactly what.”

Nick Zarzycki – National Post – May 2019


An oral history of the time Toronto called in the army to deal with the snow

Tyler Dawson, Nick Faris – National Post – January 2019

Last Road to Mons

“Now the soldiers of the 28th Battalion treaded the muddy path their comrades had blazed into Belgium. Their destination that afternoon was Quievrain, 15 kilometres east down country roads ravaged by shelling and detonated mines. They were to sleep there on the condition they could be roused to move again at two hours’ notice, ever closer to the German stronghold the senior military officers of Canada and Britain envisioned as the endpoint of this great surge forward: Mons. Four years and tens of millions of people dead or maimed and the First World War was destined to end up back there, in precisely the place where British soldiers first battled Germany in August 1914. Heavily outnumbered then, the Brits had killed thousands of Germans but ceded control of the city. Retaking Mons was not an opportunity to be squandered — even if the enemy was slinking toward surrender at that very moment.”

Nick Faris – National Post – November 2018

My year on death row

Dawn Rae Downton – National Post – August 2018

Failure to Launch

Marie-Danielle Smith, Brian Platt – National Post – September 2018

Canada’s First Face Transplant

Sharon Kirkey – National Post – September 2018

How I fell out of love with the Canadian justice system (especially judges)

“My loss of faith was incremental, and came over years, so there’s no one case that turned the tide, and it would be dishonest to pretend otherwise. If I search my memory now, the best I can do is pinpoint a few instances where a particular penny or two may have dropped. For instance, in 1993, when I was working for the Toronto Sun, I got a taste of how ferociously judges and lawyers can turn on one another, and over which subjects, and what astonishing creatures of convention many of them are and what prisoners — despite all the high-minded protestations to the contrary — of the dominant political orthodoxy.”

Christie Blatchford – National Post – September 2016

The Judge, The Sting, Black Cube and Me

Christie Blatchford – National Post – November 2017