In the GTA’s tow-truck turf wars, the race for profit leads to road rage, violence and intimidation

Molly Hayes – The Globe and Mail – February 2020

Stay Tacky, Niagara Falls

“It was on a chintzy patch of street in Niagara Falls called Clifton Hill that I was first alerted to the possibility that civilization was a mistake. There, in the shadow of an enormous sculpture of Frankenstein’s monster eating a branded Burger King Whopper sandwich, my underage mind muddied on enormous schooners of beer procured with a fake ID from an adjacent Boston Pizza, I watched two other drunk loafers come to blows in that messy, soused, all-Canadian way—where they sort of thrash each other and toss out soft punches, which roll off buttery cheeks gone red with drunkenness, the brawl resolving when one combatant attempts to jersey the other by pulling his shirt over his head like they’re in a hockey fight.”

John Semley – The Walrus – February 2020

The power of Paul Bissonnette

Hero with a secret

Meghan Grant – CBC Calgary – February 2020

Testing the Waters

“Still committed to the cause, Jesse tweets out pictures of their attempt to avoid oil-based products like plastic. Boe celebrates the effort on Facebook. ‘Hope you walked and didn’t drive your car,’ someone comments, snarkily. Boe fires back: ‘Can I walk around naked then? Because even our clothing is made using oil.'”

Lauren Kaljur – Maisonneuve – February 2020

The Search for Mackie Basil

“‘Goodbye, bro. I love you,’ Mackie called back to him. In that moment, now frozen in his memory, Peter watched Mackie walk away, lingering at the door as she climbed the path. He spotted a man waiting for her farther up the trail. Something was not quite right, though. Why, Peter asked himself, would Mackie have said goodbye in such a way if she were coming home? Then he wondered if, perhaps, this would be the last time he’d see her.”

Annie Hylton – The Walrus – February 2020

She was a running prodigy. He was the most powerful man in track. How her promising career unravelled

Michael Doyle – The Globe and Mail – February 2020