China kidnapped two Canadians. What will it take to free them?

“The Michaels’ fates have taken on added resonance with a difficult decision facing the federal government: should Huawei, a global telecom giant with strong ties to the Chinese state, be allowed to build part of Canada’s emerging 5G network? On top of being labelled a national security threat by Western spy chiefs, the company has been under investigation in the U.S. for years, accused of breaking sanctions against Iran—and it was recently charged in the U.S. with racketeering and conspiring to steal trade secrets. Would a decision to give Huawei the green light—or a decision to bar it from being involved—have any bearing on the Michaels’ freedom? Pundits and insiders have debated those questions for months as diplomats work behind closed doors.”

Nick Taylor-Vaisey and Jason Markusoff – Maclean’s – March 2020

Why Aren’t We Free to Age on Our Own Terms?

Sharon J. Riley – The Walrus – March 2020

In search of promised lands

Julian Brave NoiseCat – Canadian Geographic – March 2020

It all adds up

“It is hard to credit, but a tone of eager, unmistakable hostility attends much of the commentary surrounding Saul Bellow’s relationship to Canada. ‘His writings have absolutely nothing to do with this country or its citizens or its culture or its psyche,’ wrote Thomas Hodd in a Globe and Mail article, written on the heels of Eleanor Catton’s Booker Prize win, whose very title (“Stop Calling Foreign Writers ‘Canadian'”) seems indelibly fringed with ire. Though the substance of Hodd’s comment is demonstrably false—before abandoning graduate work in anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, Bellow began a thesis on French-Canadian acculturation—it’s the thrust of Hodd’s animus, that glimmer of jovial myopia, that grates.”

Rod Moody-Corbett – Canadian Notes & Queries – February 2020


Jadine Ngan – Maisonneuve – February 2020

Regular game, historic broadcast

Emily Sadler – Sportsnet – March 2020

Anatomy of an Epidemic

Kevin Patterson – The Walrus – March 2020