Phage Crusade

“Jeff Summerhayes knows the drill. The bleak hospital corridors, the calls on the intercom, the IV tubes in his arms dangling from their holders like chandeliers—all have been familiar since Summerhayes’s childhood. But the bug was still in him and all the antibiotics had failed. Now he was lying in a bed at Vancouver General Hospital with his sister sitting beside him, both expecting to hear, once again, that he didn’t have long to live.”

Mark Czarnecki – Maisonneuve – January 2020

How Devon Freeman died

“The circumstances of Devon’s death and its aftermath have left his family and his First Nation, Chippewas of Georgina Island, searching for answers. Why didn’t the group home disclose an earlier suicide attempt? Why was he not taken to the hospital after he first tried to take his life? Why did the police not find his body much sooner? These questions and more could be explored through a proper coroner’s inquest – something his family, his First Nation and the Hamilton Police are coming together to demand.”

Kristy Kirkup – The Globe and Mail – January 2020

‘NASA North’ or Final Frontier fantasy?

Catherine McIntyre – The Logic – January 2020

Auschwitz, 75 years later: What Canada’s survivors remember about the death camp’s horrors

Tu Thanh Ha – The Globe and Mail – January 2020

Elderly, Confused, and Under Arrest

Alison Motluk – The Local – October 2019

Unmasking Donny Dooley: Newfoundland’s Most Wanted Troll

Drew Brown – The Independent – January 2020

Half of Canadians have too few local psychiatrists, or none at all. How can we mend the mental-health gap?

Erin Anderssen – The Globe and Mail – January 2020