How to Make a Movie in the North

“Picture your classic sports drama. The new coach meets his ragtag athletes at an underprivileged school and sets out to reform them through the miracle of sport. Cue the montage of painful drills, some tender moments, a dash of comic relief, and the sweat-soaked breakthrough. Coach and kids overcome their differences, triumph over their privileged prep-school contenders, and win the championship. The Grizzlies was almost that.”

Samia Madwar – The Walrus – July 2019


What does it mean to be working class in Canada?

Shannon Proudfoot – Maclean’s – July 2019

The Power of a Good Sentence

Douglas Glover – The Walrus – July 2019

The climate crisis: These are Canada’s worst-case scenarios

John Geddes – Maclean’s – July 2019

Behind the scenes of the NBA 2K League, where Toronto chases more hoops glory

Nick Faris – theScore – July 2019

Hello from the other side

How Neighbourhoods Are Built to Keep Out Single Women

“Community consultations are meant to give local residents an opportunity to provide feedback about a change in their neighbourhood. In 2016, Toronto city officials acknowledged the limits of this process, reporting that those who attend these sessions are predominately “white, male, homeowners, and over the age of 55.” The narrowness of the demographic that participates in these consultations results in policies and decisions that respond to the interests of those most concerned about how new development or lower-income residents could reduce the values of their homes. What, then, happens when lower-income women participate?”

Cheryll Case – The Walrus – June 2019